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Photobooth By JEF

While launching new movies. The media team of JEF Festival came up with an amazing idea to create a photobooth where you are able to take pictures with your idol, attributes or paint your own background. Using a green key the photobooth places the background behind you. Try it out at the JEF Festival, It's really fun!

  • JEF films | Jeugdfilm‎
  • Media
  • Experiential, Branding, Marketing
  • November 5th, 2018

It's just like meeting them in real life, the only thing: they don't talk back.

- JEF Team

We use our skills to create something really fun so we can play with it too. Just keep up the big smile while posing and print and email the photo. It's a funny souvenir to remember the funny moments at the JEF Festival.

image of Photobooth by JEF
image of Photobooth by JEF
image of Photobooth by JEF
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