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Niorscouta, a fitness and zen centrum contacted us to do a full re-branding for their company. Togheter with Niorscouta we created a brand new logo, website with shop, a launching campaign and much more. We combined all the power of their brand and made something likable so people can visit, sport and do workouts with their lovable coaches.

  • Niorscouta
  • Fitness & Health Center
  • Ui, Ux, Branding
  • April 5th, 2020

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

- Niorscouta Coach

During the design process, Niorscouta asked us to create a website/webshop that would be powerwull and clean with not to many functionalities. So that the user can feel zen but still powerfull.

We limited the use of colors to keep it zen but used a red color as the base. The psychology behind this color is energy, power and strength. Combining this energetic color with a clean design. The goal was made possible.

image of Niorscouta
image of Niorscouta
image of Niorscouta
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