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Cherry Stickers

Cherry Stickers a small company located in Belgium. They came up with a consept about stickers and they asked us to make a webshop where people from all over the world could buy these stickers. The shop is fully integrated with the latest technologies and frameworks. Working with multiple money currencies so people from all over the world can enjoy the cuteness of these wonderful stickers.

  • Cherry Stickers
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  • May 19th, 2017

The cutest webshop you probably will find on the internet.

- Cherry Team

A full branding strategy was created for Cherry Stickers with all shopping needs. Cherry Stickers can see their automated stock and edit it. Monthly they come with new stickers. Using the custom made platform they can add products and advertisements in seconds. All incoming orders can directly print the shipping label. All they have to do is print and ship it.

image of Cherry Stickers
image of Cherry Stickers
image of Cherry Stickers
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