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Buda Coin

Buda vzw is an organisation that stimulates the further expansion of Buda Island into a research, creation and presentation site for entrepreneurs, artists, designers, students, scientists and active citizens. Buda vzw stimulates connections at the interface between economy, arts, education and healthcare. The collaborations on and around the Buda island bring about a real microeconomic economy. To make these more visible and further stimulate, there are plans to put a real BUDA coin into circulation.

  • Buda vzw
  • Art Center
  • Concepting, Website, App
  • February 13th, 2018

It's just easy to earn and pay with Buda Coin

- Buda Coin

Use of a global currency on and around the buda island and let people earn by different activities so that they come into contact with each other and thus also give older people a role in society. For this we offer a secure online and offline solution to stimulate every target group to use the Buda coin.

image of Buda Coin
image of Buda Coin
image of Buda Coin
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