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Sailing down a river full of obstacles. Avoid trees, sea lions, turtles and much more while gliding down the river. That was the prototype made in our early days. This project was made for the international Youth Film Festival at Antwerp. Lot's of kids and even adults have accepted the challenge. How many meter could you sail?

  • JEF films | Jeugdfilm‎
  • MediaLab
  • Design, Development, Concepting
  • November 5th, 2017

Amazing to sail down the river. One of the best games I have played!

- Nick Page (Director Toronto International Film Festival)

Based on a Youth film that was premiered during the Film Festival. Later on the project was sold to the Toronto International Film Festival were it was further elaborated with all parties. Sailing has never been so much fun.

image of Boomstammen
image of Boomstammen
image of Boomstammen
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